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How to use AI – for reluctant PR pros

Graphic with man on computer with arms up cheering. Text overlay saying "How to Use AI for Reluctant PR Pros"

We’ve all been grappling with the introduction of generative AI. We’ve had tons of conversations and debates about it. Some have embraced it unabashedly, and others have drawn a line in the sand – prohibiting its use. Here’s my take: 1. It can help you write. Ever stare at that blank screen and flashing curser…

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Changing the Rap in the Insurance Industry

Graphic with lightbulb and text saying "Changing the Rap in the Insurance Industry"

For many years, I have advocated for the insurance industry to coalesce in pursuit of a perception change. The industry clearly gets a bad rap. ProfitableVenture notes seven reasons why people think insurance companies are bad. I think at least a few are missing from this list. You hear people say insurance companies are not trustworthy, uncaring…

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